IRISMonitor, exclusively developed for IRISVDO, is an advanced monitoring solution for MOBOTIX cameras.

It is capable of 16 simultaneous camera streams and works directly out of the internet browser.

IRISMonitor allows you to individually set the resolution, size, quality and fps for each camera stream. If monitor / keyboard is connected you don’t even need an additional PC to watch the streams.

Your advantage :

– 16 simultaneous camera streams
– no additional software needed – works out of internet browser
– each individual camera stream can be optimized manually (resolution, size, quality and fps)
– thanks drag and drop functionality the order of the streams can be flexibly adjusted
– works over internet without need to open camera ports in the router
– minimize streams that are less important
– it works over network via web browser and locally (if monitor and keyboard is connected)

IRIS Event Viewer

As part of IRISMonitor it enables you to watch the events in easy and simple way. Even via internet without a need for any extra software