Full Appliances with pre installed IRISVDO

As MOBOTIX Partner – with IRISVDO you can build your own server optimized for MOBOTIX cameras. If you wish to use a tested and proven solution you can also purchase an already pre-installed appliance from our hardware partner.

For more detailed Information about their offerings please click on the partner link below. The prices are MSRPs (manufacturer’s suggested retail prices).

Special discounts apply by registering on our partner webseite here. The discount is granted after a successful registration.
IRISVDO software is sold solely via MOBOTIX partners network. Please contact your local MOBOTIX reseller for more information.

Boston GmbH, Europe

Contact: Werner Stumpferl

Tel: +49-89-9090199-30

Email: info@boston-it.de

  • List of NAS Appliances with IRISVDO software optimized for Mobotix cameras